Our Land Issue...
We are still awaiting a decision from the Ministry of Education and the Selwyn District Council!

An update on this, and the Rolleston Drive Crossing is on our Board of Trustees page.

Welcome to our Website

Take a “tour” and learn why we are so very proud of our school which has had a presence here in Rolleston since 1893!

Our school has seen massive developments over the last five years. We have grown from being a small rural school to being a large, modern urban school serving over 600 students.

Please click on the image of Rolly to view information about our Rolly EXPRESS learners!!

 We pride ourselves on being “on the right track….Striving, Driving, Thriving!”

Our aim is to have all our students become “EXPRESS Learners”

Students who are : Engaged, Experimental, Persistent, Resourceful, Excellent, Self- Managing and Successful!

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