Te Ahi Kaikōmako Rolleston School

Principal’s Message

Kia ora.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to Te Ahi Kaikōmako Rolleston School.

My name is Simon Moriarty and I am the proud Tumuaki of Rolleston School. I am really excited to work alongside a team of quality people who are committed to making Te Ahi Kaikōmako Rolleston Primary a positive learning environment for all students.

At Te Ahi Kaikōmako Rolleston School we recognise that You Have Value, We Succeed Together and Others Matter through our school values of being: Kind, Responsible, Respectful, Connected and Resilient. During everyone’s time here at Te Ahi Kaikōmako Rolleston School we aspire to Stand Together to Ignite Learning.

Te Ahi Kaikōmako Rolleston School is a Full Primary school catering for children from NE to Yr. 8, (ages 5 -12 years). The school was established in 1893 as a small country school serving the “village” of Rolleston.

The roll then was 37 pupils. Since about 1997 with the rapid development of several new housing estates, and lifestyle blocks, the community, and the school with it began to change and grow.

Today the school serves up to 800+ pupils from a rapidly growing “town”. This growth has seen an enrolment scheme put in place to prevent overcrowding. The community spirit which marked the beginning of the school over 100 years ago is still evident today with a strong PTA, enthusiastic staff, and dedicated Board.

The school is currently working across four teaching teams, Rata Y0/1/2, Totara Y3/4, Pōhutukawa Y5/6, and Kahikatea Y7/8. However, the strong focus on relationships ensures that students from all parts of the school interact with each other in a range of positive ways.

When you are part of Te Ahi Kaikōmako Rolleston School you have value. We all do because others matter. So we respect their value just as they respect ours. That way we succeed together. Which is why we always stand together.

I look forward to meeting you all as you and your tamariki begin their learning journey at Te Ahi Kaikōmako Rolleston School.

Best wishes,

Simon Moriarty

Principal – Te Ahi Kaikōmako Rolleston School