Welcome to Rolleston School

Rolleston School - Te Ahi Kaikōmako

The BOT is pleased to announce the launch of our new Rolleston School App on Thursday the 7th of September! This will change the way that you receive and access information from the school. This will give you instant access to alerts etc via your phone rather than having to check emails all the time.

Using the app you will be able to:

 receive alerts and notices

 contact the school office easily

 access the newsletter

 see what’s coming up on the school calendar

 order Subway and school stationery

On the right track....

Striving, Driving, Thriving


Take a tour and learn why we are so very proud of our school which has had a presence in Rolleston since 1893!

Our school has seen massive developments over the last five years. We have grown from being a small rural school to being a large, modern urban school serving over 800 students.

We pride ourselves on being “on the right track….Striving, Driving, Thriving!

Our aim is to have all our students become

“EXPRESS Learners”, these students are:

Engaged, Experimental, Persistent, Resourceful, Excellent, Self- Managing and Successful!

Phone: 03-3478355 | Email: office@rolleston.school.nz |

11 Tennyson Street, Rolleston 7614