2024 Te Ahi Kaikōmako Rolleston School Uniform

November 15, 2023

We are excited to finally be able to share with you the new uniform options that you are able to purchase for the beginning of next year. These decisions have been based on the uniform consultation feedback that we completed during 2022 – 2023.

The Board of Trustees focussed on the key areas of feedback provided by our community when reviewing the Te Ahi Kaikōmako Rolleston School Uniform. As a reminder, the key areas of feedback received were:

  • Polo Shirts – style, comfort & durable material

We have introduced a new Junior (Yr 0-6) and Senior (Yr 7-8) polo shirt in 2024. The red polo, with blue trim, and the blue polo, with red trim, still reflect the traditional Rolleston School Colours. We have selected bright, vibrant shades of blue and red to reflect the new colour palette that was introduced as part of the 2023 revision process. The side panels on both polo tops are also part of our new revisioning and the botanical pattern representing the Kaikōmako Tree.

We have also added an additional optional item for our Senior Students (Yr 7-8). Senior students can now choose to purchase and wear a soft-shell jacket with the new school logo.

  • More inclusive – all body types & gender-neutral (unisex)

The polo shirts are gender-neutral and the range of sizes available ensures they are a comfortable fit for all.

  • Darker Colour palette (less stains)

We have replaced the white and lighter blue shades with brighter, more vibrant colours. This may reduce visible stains and marks that all kids seem to collect!

  • Costing

The cost of the new Polo Shirts is currently $35.00 compared to the current blue and white shirts which are priced at $45.00.

We have also kept the rest of the main components of the current Te Ahi Kaikōmako Rolleston School Uniform the same (Polar Fleeces, Jerseys, Shorts & Culottes etc…) the same, only replacing the new logo on the top garments ((Polar Fleeces, Jerseys).

We have attempted to also simplify some uniform options (eg. socks) while also maintaining the current consistency across the school. The below School Uniform Guidelines provide more detailed information in this area and can also be viewed on the school website and on our Schooldocs Policy and Procedures site.

Other Important Information

  • Our current school uniform is still valued and can be worn until the end of the 2025 school year.
  • We have set up a display of the new school polo tops in the School Office. Please feel free to come and have a look.
  • New uniform items will be available both online and in-store in the new year.

The below School Uniform Guidelines can also be viewed on the school website and on our Schooldocs Policy and Procedures site.

School Uniform Guidelines

Uniform is a requirement at Te Ahi Kaikōmako Rolleston School.

At Te Ahi Kaikōmako Rolleston School our uniform is worn to connect all our students to our school and celebrate our vision for our students and our hapori. Our uniform is worn with pride reflecting our E Tū Tāngata mindset, particularly in showing the value we have in ourselves, in others and in our school.

Specific Uniform Requirements:

We have recently introduced a new logo and polo top items for the 2024 school year. Please note that all Items from our old uniform may be worn until the end of Term 4 2025.

Summer Season or Conditions

Senior Yr 7-8

Blue Short Sleeved Polo shirt with school logo

Either Navy Blue Culottes/Navy Shorts

Navy Blue Polar Fleece/ Navy Blue Tunic Sweatshirt/ Navy Merino Jersey

Navy Softshell Jacket

Junior Yr 0-6

Red Short Sleeved Polo shirt with school logo

Either Navy Blue Culottes/Navy Shorts

Navy Blue Polar Fleece/ Navy Blue Tunic Sweatshirt/ Navy Merino Jersey

Winter Season or Conditions

The uniform remains the same, however, a plain dark long sleeve polypro/merino may be worn underneath the school polo.

Navy Tracksuit bottoms are acceptable and available from Mainland Uniforms.

Footwear and Socks

Summer – Plain dark socks, black shoes or black sandals
Winter – Plain dark socks, tights, black shoes

Footwear including crocs, slides and jandals are not suitable or permitted in a school setting.

PE Uniform

This is a compulsory requirement for students in years 3-8 to wear one day a week. Your classroom teacher will inform you of your PE day.

Option 1: Plain Blue/Red PE Top (Suitable for Years 0-8) and Navy PE Shorts

Option 2: There is also a Sports Representative Top available. This item is more expensive and can be purchased for PE and Representative Wear in Years 5-8. Please enquire at the School Office.

Please note a combination of PE tops/PE shorts and the school polo is not acceptable or part of our regulation school uniform.

Additional Uniform Guidelines

  1. Regulation uniform must be worn by students.

  2. Hair is to be worn in a practical style appropriate for school.

  3. Taonga such as greenstone and bone carvings are permitted, this also includes pendants of religious significance. For additional information please contact the school principal.

  4. Ear studs and watches are permitted. If other jewellery is worn students will be asked to remove it and/or put it in their bag, or collected by a staff member for safekeeping.

  5. Make-up including nail polish is not permitted.

  6. All belongings must be clearly named. The lost property is currently located outside Room 7.

  7. Temporary exemptions from uniforms require a letter or email to the teacher.

  8. We encourage all whānau to discuss with a member of the Senior Management Team any concerns you may have with any aspect of the school uniform guidelines.

Summer Sun Safety

In Terms 1 and 4, students wear a regulation school sunhat when outside.

Students are required to be sun-safe, and we encourage applying sunscreen to your child’s face, arms and legs prior to sending them to school.

Regulation school sunhats are available for purchase both at the school office or Mainland Uniforms. Cost is $12.00 each.

Uniform Purchase

Our school uniform is provided by Mainland Uniforms and is available to purchase from:

Mainland Uniforms

511 Wairakei Road


Phone: 03 360 3037

Shop Hours Monday – Friday 9.00 – 5.00 pm

Saturday 10.00-1.00 pm

Or available online at:


A full set of school uniform items are held on-site for you to try on if required. Please enquire at the school office.

Second-Hand Uniforms

Our school PTA will advise of upcoming second-hand sales via Hero Communication. If you have any school clothing to be donated these can be dropped off into the school office foyer. 

Many thanks

Te Ahi Kaikōmako Rolleston School BOT