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Rolleston School Uniform.... ONLINE ORDERING

As of Thursday 1st October 2020 the Te Ahi Kaikōmako Rolleston School uniform has moved to an online ordering service provided by our current uniform supplier Mainland Uniforms.

As part of this change the Board of Trustees has worked alongside Jo Bitmead, our uniform co-ordinator, to implement a system that is seamless in its transition between our current operation and our new online ordering system. We have also maintained the opportunity for parents/caregivers to come into the school and try on uniform options prior to ordering online.

Uniform pricing was a key part of this review, as a result the pricing of uniform options remain largely the same with only small variations of pricing either way on the majority of garments.

Even though the new system is an online ordering system we have continued to work alongside MAINLAND UNIFORMS due to the fact that if parents/caregivers would rather not shop for their uniform online they can visit their store at 511 Wairakei Road, Burnside to purchase in-store. This provides the best outcome for all.

The key points and timeframes of this change are noted below:

  • As of Thursday 1st October you will only be able to purchase your Rolleston School Uniform online at Mainland Uniforms https://www.mainlanduniforms.nz/199-rolleston-school or alternatively at their store 511 Wairakei Road, Burnside.

  • All items will be available to purchase, except our Sports Representation Tops that at this stage will continue to be purchased at school via Mrs Bitmead, Sports Uniform Administrator. This option is currently being reviewed.

  • "Special Fits" are welcome and able to be accommodated in store at Mainland Uniforms.

  • Any orders over $50.00 postage is paid. Orders under $50.00 will be $5.00. You are welcome to order online and collect if this is more convenient for you.

  • Second Hand uniforms will still be available upon request. We are currently developing a system for this and will communicate once confirmed.

For your convenience the following services will be available:

  • We will continue to hold a full set of School Uniform sizes and options for you to try on prior to ordering. The current uniform shop will hold these garments and you will be welcome to come to the school office and we will provide access to this space. This service will only occur when the school is open (Term time only).

  • We will also continue to hold a supply of school Bucket Hats at the school office for you to purchase from the start of Term 4. The cost of these is $12.00 to be paid in either cash or Eft-pos.

Simon Moriarty (Principal)

Megan Harlick (BOT Chair)

Black Shoes At Rolleston School

Based on feedback from staff and students the Board of Trustees has made the following adaption to its policy regarding appropriate footwear. Students are able to wear any style of shoe as long they are:

1. Completely black. For example sport shoes that are completely black are appropriate. This excludes footwear that has any other colour logo (e.g. Nike Tick) or any other colour on the shoe.

2. Appropriate for use. The main aim for this change is to allow our students to continue to be active in a type of shoe that is both comfortable, practical and protects the feet. E.g. sports shoes, leather shoes, canvas shoes. Fully covered shoes are required in a school environment and is a still a Health and Safety requirement for those our Yr. 7 & 8 students to attend Technology. Black sandals are appropriate during the summer months. See school website for examples.


These are suitable for school.


These are not suitable at school.