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Covid 19 Alert Level 2 update - 28 February 2021

As you are well aware, we went into Alert Level 2 at 6am Sunday 28 February for a period of seven days. Te Ahi Kaikōmako Rolleston School is following the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health advice for Covid Alert Level 2. We will continue to update you as we receive more information.

Some key points to remember within our Alert Level 2 Plan:

Hygiene: This continues to be of paramount importance. This includes hand sanitiser being available at entry to class rooms and in shared spaces. Soap, water and the ability to dry hands continues to be provided in bathrooms. Each student, staff member and visitor needs to sanitise hands when entering and exiting the building / classroom i.e. entry at the beginning of day, break times, end of day. The constant message from staff to students is to wash and dry hands, cough into elbow, don’t touch your face.

At Pick up and Drop Off: We will ask parents and caregivers to do drop offs outside the gate and not toenter classrooms where practicable. If a parent/caregiver enters the school grounds they will be required to complete the Government Covid Tracing App which is on display for scanning at each entrance, or the paper copy Contact Tracing Register or the School App. Hand sanitiser will be provided at each contact register station with a pen. If visitors, parents/caregivers come onto the school grounds after 9.15am or before 2.50pm they will be required to report to the school office and complete contact register protocol.

Sickness: If you are unwell don’t enter the premises. If you enter the school grounds you will need to complete a contact register procedure. Students will need to go home if they are presenting Covid 19 symptoms: a cough, high temperature (at least 38°C), shortness of breath, sore throat, sneezing and runny nose, temporary loss of smell. If your child is presenting with symptoms please don’t send them to school.

Queue Management - Parents, Caregivers & Visitors - Office: Parents are encouraged to call the office or email as opposed to coming onsite. Children are able to enter the office as normal (queueing not required) and leave through the rear door by the sickbay. Tape is marked out on the ground in front of the office / administration area indicating where to stand safely if queuing outside (2m distancing while waiting). There will only be 3 people inside the office at once. We ask that we receive online payments only please, no cash payments. The Visitor Register will be used to register all parents / visitors on site in the office. Any visitors to school outside of drop off and pick up times must sign in at the school office

Assemblies: We will not be running whole school assemblies throughout Level 2.

Thank you for understanding in these unique times. We really appreciate your support.

Te Ahi Kaikōmako Rolleston School BOT & Leadership Team.

Update COVID level update 17th February 2021

As of tomorrow (Thursday18th February) parents will no longer have to sign in with our contact tracing sheet or sign in with the school COVID App. You should all still contact to trace with the Government COVID app.

Level 2 update 14th February 2021

Contact Tracing

As of midnight tonight (14th February) we are going into Level 2. This means you will have to contact trace when you come onto the school grounds. This can be done by using the school app menu and clicking on COVID - 19 check in or by signing in on the contact tracing sheets which will be placed at each entry point to school.

At Alert Level 2 the disease is contained but there is still risk of community transmission. It is safe for children and staff to attend school

Sick people must stay at home.

They should seek medical advice if they have COVID-like symptoms and get tested if advised to do so. If that person displays relevant symptoms of COVID-19, tests positive for COVID-19, or has been in close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19, they must self-isolate.

Fundamental public health measures continue to apply at every alert level:

Hand hygiene

Cough and sneeze etiquette

Regularly cleaning and disinfecting high touch surfaces.