PTA Meetings

Rolleston School Staffroom

All parents/caregivers are welcome

We welcome new PTA members any time of the year, just show up, make yourself comfortable and introduce yourself 😊

PTA Details

Co Chairperson:

Ellie Moe & Nicky O’Sullivan,

Vice Chair:

Rebecca Gilbert


Chantal Austin


Claire Oldfield

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Who are we?

We are a group of parents/caregivers that work alongside the school and the Board of Trustees to organise activities and fundraise for the benefit of our children and the school environment.

Why Be Involved?

*Research has shown that children whose parents are involved in the school tend to do better academically, socially and emotionally

*View school from a new and different perspective

*Show your children you are interested in the their learning

*Gain a better understand of how the school operate

Good communication and involvement are the cornerstones of an effective home – school partnership!

Our Motto; ‘Work Smarter, Not Harder’

As parents we are all busy, no matter what our occupation!

Rolleston School PTA does not send home raffles or chocolates for you to sell!

Our Annual Fundraising Events


*Sausage Sizzles


*Pasta Vera

*Hot Cross Buns

*Entertainment Books

*Second Hans Uniform Sales

*Fireworks Night

To name a few!

We always need extra help for some of our fundraising events, and it’s not a huge time commitment! Many hands make light work!

Feel free to fill out the Volunteer Form Below!


Ever wondered what happens to all the fundraising that we do? We donate various funds or items that all help with making your child's school experience more fun and engaging. If you have an idea that might benefit the students or school, please contact the PTA or come along to our next meeting.

Where the funds have gone: Feb 2018 – March 2019

$10, 402.91 PTA Donation to I.C.T development

$1, 000 PTA Funding for Library games

$1, 400 PTA Funding for Pohutukawa Wet Day Games

$4, 600 PTA Donation to Rolleston School for Wet Day Games

The PTA is not only about fund-raising!

Come along and meet other parents and develop a support network.

The PTA is for you and your children - WE NEED YOU!

How to contact us:

Chairperson: Ellie Moe & Nicky O’Sullivan -

Vice Chair: Rebecca Gilbert -

Secretary: Chantal Austin -

Treasurer: Claire Oldfield -

Please come along to a meeting, it is always great to see new faces!